Why Sharing Your Toothbrush is Bad

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Do you floss and brush your teeth on a regular basis? Do you set up regular checkups with your dentist? Do you ever wonder if there’s something else you could consider doing? Sadly, there are actually several common habits that might actually harm your oral health. For instance, did you know that sharing your toothbrush could actually cause a number of problems?

You see, if you borrow someone’s personal toothbrush you could be exposing your oral health to bad bacteria. Unfortunately, different people might have different germs and bacteria on their teeth and gums. This means different toothbrushes could actually have different bacteria and germs in them. Furthermore, some people’s gums will bleed when they brush. Like germs and bacteria, your toothbrush could be harboring blood. This may also cause a number of serious issues, including blood-borne diseases including herpes and hepatitis.

Luckily, there are a number of things you might want to do to keep your smile clean if you ever find yourself without access to a toothbrush. Of course, if you’re concerned about your breath, you might want to use a breath mint or mouthwash. Eating an apple or drinking some peppermint tea might also be useful.

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