Tooth Decay on a Chipped Tooth Can Be Prevented

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Your tooth enamel can suffer a chip or minor dental fracture from several different sources. It could arise from chronic night grinding or a hard-to-break habit of chewing on pencils and pens. Athletes who forgo the use of a necessary mouthguard are particularly prone to suffering a chipped tooth.

Even if the chipped tooth doesn’t cause any immediate distress, it could gradually foster a new cavity. This could severely threaten the health of the already compromised tooth. The severity of the chip and the tooth’s appearance in your smile will largely influence the method Dr. Vahid Bashi suggests for treating the damage.

Sometimes a minor chip can be repaired with a basic filling that is made from composite or amalgam. If one or more of the teeth in your smile have chips, he might recommend having porcelain dental veneers installed over the face of each tooth.

If the chip is significant or if the tooth is prevalent in your smile, Dr. Vahid Bashi might advocate completely replacing the tooth enamel with a dental crown. A tooth in your smile will likely need a porcelain crown. Gold and base metal alloy crowns might be called for to repair a large chip or dental fracture on a molar or premolar.

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