PRP Therapy

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a safe, simple, low risk, and highly effective way to enhance and accelerate healing after various dental procedures. This blood by-product can assist in tissue and bone regeneration, significantly decreasing the rate of infection, reduce swelling, and help maintain the long-term success of dental surgery. Platelet rich plasma is obtained from a small sample of a patient’s own blood, so it uses the body’s own generative powers to quickly and safely grow bones and soft tissue.

Benefits Of Dental Platelet Rich Plasma:

  • Less pain and swelling after surgery
  • Lower rates of infection
  • Lower occurrence of dry socket after a tooth extraction
  • Faster healing of dental implants, extractions, etc.
  • Better overall healing and strength of the bone after dental surgery, implants, bone grafts, etc.
  • Cost-effective, convenient and completely safe