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The words “teeth whitener” often cause patients to worry about the development of gum tissue damage and losing tooth enamel. Many people are suspicious about the safety and legitimacy of do-it-yourself teeth whitening, and for good reason. While it’s true that many home whitening products are unsafe, we can help you find products approved by the dentist for safe results.

When selecting a teeth whitener that can be applied at home, look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance on the packaging to ensure it’s safe for your use. It’s important to remember that even approved products may not be compatible with your smile since each mouth is different and some people develop sensitivity from teeth whitening products. Often, you can reduce tooth sensitivity by stopping treatment for a few days, though you may need to see our dentist if the tooth sensitivity is severe.

Dr. Vahid Bashi and our team invite you to visit our office to discuss your options for at-home teeth whitening such as our professional take-home kit. This treatment utilizes a custom dental tray and whitening gel that you place in your smile before you sleep to whiten your teeth over the next two to three weeks. If DIY teeth whiteners don’t seem right for you, we invite you to consider in-office whitening that can lighten your smile as much as 10 shades in about an hour of sitting in the dental chair.

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