How to Deal With Cracks In Your Teeth

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Teeth can endure a lot of things. While they are designed for strength, the repeated pressure of having to chew on solid things such as ice, hard candy, and popcorn kernels can eventually lead to cracks forming in the tooth’s enamel. Habits such as teeth grinding or chewing on the jaw can also lead to cracks being formed. When cracks happen, several options are available for repairing the issue.

Smaller cracks can be repaired by either a dental filling or a dental veneer. A dental filling is the most common method of treatment. The filling material is easily applied and only takes one visit for treatment. Dental veneers add more stability to the cracked tooth, but are more expensive compared to dental fillings. Veneers will also require a second visitation to the dentist for application.

If the crack is too large for a veneer or filling, a dental crown would be necessary to add strength and stability to the tooth. However, if the crack has spread down into the pulp, a root canal becomes necessary. The pulp of the tooth contain soft materials like blood vessels and nerve endings and are prone to infection when exposed. A root canal helps prevent the pulp from becoming infected.

If the tooth can’t be repaired, we will extract and replace it. Replacement options include a dental bridge or a dental implant.

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