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Oral injuries can be quite scary and painful. Unfortunately, they are quite common. Many people experience oral injury when they (as babies) are learning to walk, they (as kids) try dangerous activities, and they (as adults) play high-contact sports and activities without smile protection. Even though oral injuries are common, there are things you can do to avoid them.

First, wear a mouthguard while you play any sport or activity that is high in contact. Wearing a guard can protect your smile and help you avoid injury when hard, forceful objects (like a ball, knee, elbow, helmet, etc.) hit your mouth. Some sports we recommend wearing a mouthguard in include basketball, soccer, football, rugby, and other high-contact sports.

Second, wear a face mask while you pitch, catch, or skate in sports like baseball, softball, or hockey. This helps you prevent oral and facial trauma when the baseball or softball gets hit toward your face or the puck comes soaring toward you. This will help you avoid chipped or knocked-out teeth or even broken cheek or jaw bones.

Third, wear a helmet that has a face or mouth guard. This will protect your smile and your face as well as your head. This can help you avoid oral and facial injury, concussions, and other severe head damage.

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