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There are many signs of gum recession, including teeth that become longer or more sensitive, gums that bleed regularly, and increased dental pain. If you struggle with any of these issues or have noticed a change in the appearance of your smile, notify our office immediately. We want to help you determine the cause of gum recession and which treatments can help your smile.

A receding gum line can be a side effect of age, or it may develop from tooth grinding, overcrowded teeth, dental trauma, or brushing too hard. We encourage you to prioritize preventing gum recession over treating an existing issue, and prevention of gum recession mean just brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and gently.

If you are already experiencing signs of gum recession, we may perform a deep cleaning to prevent further loss of gum tissue. Other solutions can be wearing a mouthguard at night, choosing a new toothbrush, or undergoing deeper treatment.

We encourage you to contact Best Care Dental at 719-627-5916 today if you have noticed any symptoms of gum recession. Our dentist, Dr. Vahid Bashi, and our team would be happy to meet with you to discuss your options for gum recession treatment in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and help you take the necessary steps to preserve your smile.