Denture Adhesive Helps Hold a Denture in Place

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A complete or partial denture can help replicate the basic function of missing or compromised teeth These removable oral appliances are often the preferred option for patients struggling to deal with chronic gum disease problems or severe tooth decay. At the same time a partial denture might be used to address teeth lost to severe dental trauma.

Denture are created in a sophisticated dental lab. The pink base will be shaped to closely match the contours of your existing periodontal structure. The custom helps the unit to hold firmly and comfortably in place. Still many denture wearers also like to use denture adhesive.

Not only can a small bead help hold the denture to your gums, it can also block out stray food particles from working their way in and causing gum irritation.

Before purchasing a brand of denture adhesive, you should look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. The small logo on the package indicates that it has been researched and tested for safe oral use.

Any time you remove the denture you should thoroughly rinse it under running water to remove any plaque buildup as well as any residual denture adhesive. If you need to reinstall the denture you should dry the base with a clean paper towel, before applying fresh denture adhesive to the base.

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