Dental Stains Can Easily Be Caused by Tar from Tobacco Use

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Every year millions of Americans put their general health and oral health at risk by using various forms of tobacco. At the same time, the tar and other chemicals introduced into the mouth can also be a potent source of significant dental stains. In a very short amount of time, it can leave you with an unsightly yellow, gray, or light brown smile.

In many of these cases, the potent dental stains saturate deep into the microscopic pores of the tooth enamel. This makes it exceedingly difficult to whiten a tobacco stained smile with the products available at the retail level.

To completely remove tobacco stains from your tooth enamel you will likely need to turn to Dr. Vahid Bashi and the dental bleaching treatment offered at his dental office in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The professional strength whitening agents he uses are potent enough to completely tobacco stains. At the same time his professional tools and training can prevent the dental bleach from causing harm to your teeth or gums.

Before administering the dental bleaching treatment Dr. Vahid Bashi will take measures to protect your gums by installing a soft rubber dam or applying a protective gel.

Dr. Vahid Bashi will then pour a small amount of the concentrated dental bleach into trays that are inserted into your mouth along with a gentle suction wand. You will need to bite down gently for a few minutes while the bleaching agent goes to work.

Once this phase of the treatment is done Dr. Vahid Bashi might also use a special ultraviolet light to brighten any troubled spots and improve the luster of your smile.

In the future, you will need to take measures to prevent stains from saturating your tooth enamel again. This might include cutting back on certain foods and beverages and considering tobacco cessation.

If you are in the Colorado Springs, Colorado, area, and you’re suffering from a tobacco stained smile, you should call 719-627-5916 to set up a dental bleaching treatment at Best Care Dental.