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PRP Therapy

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a safe, simple, low risk, and highly effective way to enhance and accelerate healing after various dental procedures. This blood by-product can assist in tissue and bone regeneration, significantly decreasing the rate of infection, reduce swelling, and help main...
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Laser Dentistry

Lasers can help streamline many procedures, as they can be used to cut and remove soft gum tissue, providing improved visibility and dental access when reshaping the gums for aesthetic purposes. Sometimes lasers are used to remove excess gum tissue and help alleviate tight muscle attachments in the ...
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Botox is a great option with many use-cases for patients looking to treat both medical and cosmetic conditions. Botox is a procedure using Botulinum Toxin, developed to treat the visual signs of aging by reducing or removing wrinkles. Used by millions of people around the world every year, treatment...
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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Obstructive sleep apnea is a sleep-related breathing disorder that involves a decrease or complete stoppage of airflow despite an ongoing effort to breathe. It occurs when the muscles relax during sleep, causing soft tissue in the back of the throat to collapse and block the upper airway. This leads...
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