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If you have a gap in your smile from tooth loss, it can begin to negatively affect your oral health over time, which is why we encourage you to have missing teeth replaced as soon as possible. With modern dentistry, you have many options for tooth replacement. You may find that one of these three tooth replacement services are just right for your smile preferences:

Dental Bridges
If you are looking to avoid the need for oral surgery, a dental bridge can be a great option for your smile, and it fills multiple teeth at a time. For the creation of a dental bridge, one or more artificial teeth are set between two dental crowns that are then attached to the neighboring teeth. The results of a dental bridge are very natural looking.

If you are interested in a removable dental appliance that you can wear whenever you desire, dentures or partial dentures may be ideal for you. Partial dentures can fill gaps between teeth, while complete dentures are used to replace total tooth loss.

Dental Implants
If you would like to replace the full missing tooth, including its root, consider dental implants. Unlike other dental restorations, implants require oral surgery and recovery, but they offer the longest and most natural-looking results. After an oral surgeon surgically places the implant post in the bone structure, Dr. Vahid Bashi finishes the treatment with a custom-made dental crown.

If you would like to speak with our dentist about your tooth replacement options in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and whether you might benefit from a dental bridge, denture, or dental implant, please call Best Care Dental at 719-627-5916 today!