A Tooth Suffering from a Missing Dental Filling Is at Increased Risk of Further Complications

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There are several different types of dental treatments used to restore the health, function, or appearance of a compromised tooth. Dental fillings are commonly used to treat small cavities or to repair a tooth suffering from a minor fracture or enamel attrition.

As the years go by the bond between the dental filling material and the surrounding tooth enamel can gradually start to weaken. This process can be accelerated by poor oral hygiene practices or failing to attend your routine dental checkups with Dr. Vahid Bashi.

If one of your dental fillings falls out, you should not delay in seeking treatment at Dr. Vahid Bashi’s dental clinic. The longer you delay the more likely the tooth is to suffer excessive tooth decay or dental fracture.

A small dental filling that falls out might be replaced by removing a small amount of additional tooth enamel before Dr. Vahid Bashi applies a new dental filling.

If the missing dental filling was large or a new area of tooth decay has developed Dr. Vahid Bashi might recommend restoring the tooth with a dental crown. This will replace the entire tooth enamel layer with a replica cast in gold, porcelain, or a special metallic alloy.

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